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At EvoPlay, our primary mission is to revolutionise the Gaming world with innovative games and next-generation mini-games. In July 2023, we had the pleasure of introducing you to Penalty Shoot Street, already dubbed "Penalty Game" by early users. On our official site, we want to take the time to unveil all the workings of our new creation. Lace up your boots!

Min. Bet$1
Max. Bet$75
Max. Win$2,400

Penalty Shoot Street - Play Our UNIQUE Penalty Game Now !

You've probably already come across our successful title launched in May 2020 : Penalty Shoot Out. With the enthusiasm of our community for this mine-based penalty shootout game, we quickly had the idea to significantly improve this version to finally launch Penalty Shoot Out Street in July 2023. Upon its public release on EvoPlay partner casinos, players immediately sensed the potential of the mini-game and even quickly dubbed it "Penalty Game". A real pleasure for our development teams who were able to deliver a casino game that meets a real need from players.

In this version of Penalty Shoot Street, we aimed to improve absolutely every aspect of our previous creation. The goal remains the same : you select a nation, take a penalty shootout, and must defeat the opposing goalkeeper. By successfully hitting the net, the amount of your cashout increases ! At EvoPlay, we allow you to withdraw from the game at any time to collect your profits, or to go through all 5 shots to try to win up to 32 times your bet. With an advanced game engine and thrilling gameplay, we recommend you to play our Penalty Shoot Out Street game now.

📅 Release DateJuly 2023
🟢 Minimum Bet$1
🔴 Maximum Bet$75
🏆 Maximum Win$2 400
📈 RTP96%

🚀 More Powerful Game Engine !

The main challenge in creating Penalty Shoot Out Street Casino was obviously to offer fluidity at least equal (if not better) than the previous version, while adding more advanced designs and animation features. We had to significantly improve the game engine to allow our users to shoot into the goal by clicking anywhere on the goal. The EvoPlay teams wanted to minimally convey the existence of a mechanics similar to a mine game and it was totally successful.

Previously, you simply had to click on one of the targets in the goal and you didn't have a lot of choices. Now, you can shoot wherever you want on Penalty Shoot Out Street. Thanks to exceptional 3D animations, extensive design work, while still respecting fairness and the applied RTP, our teams successfully launched this new version. The game engine is still very lightweight and allows for use on a touch screen.

⚽ Score the Most Goals !

The success of Penalty Shoot Out obviously lies in football and the adrenaline of penalty shootout sessions. This new mini-game developed by the EvoPlay teams allows you to select one of the 24 nations from the beginning of the game and participate in an exceptional final. Like in a real match, you must score 5 goals to win the cup and claim the jackpot ! Each shot must be carefully considered, as it's up to you to choose where to place the ball.

As soon as you manage to score a first goal on Penalty Game Casino, you can instantly win 2 times your bet and start cashing out your winnings. However, you also have the option to go all the way and score as much as possible to try to win our x32 jackpot. Obviously, beware of the opposing goalkeeper who is on his toes and who will be delighted to crush all your hopes of victory ! If he manages to stop one of your shots, you lose the game on Penalty Shoot Out Street.

📱 Penalty Shoot Out Available on Mobile !

As you can see, the biggest challenge we had to face was to offer you mobile compatibility despite the power of the Penalty Shoot Out Street engine. After multiple attempts, the EvoPlay teams managed to release a version perfectly fluid and responsive on all existing platforms ! Whether you are currently on an iOS or Android system, you can start playing on Penalty Shoot Out Street without any downloads from one of our partner casinos.

As you will quickly notice, the mobile version of the Penalty Game has been designed to offer unparalleled comfort. You can simply place a bet with one click and tap on the spot on the goal where you want to place the ball. iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, iPad, Google Pixel, all existing smartphones are compatible with Penalty Shoot Out Street and allow you to enjoy this new gameplay. Rest assured, players on PC or MacOS can also play it with a version adapted for computer mice (or touchpad). Hard to do better !

Play the Penalty Game NOW !

Play Penalty Game Casino: Find a Platform !

The Penalty money game is trending in many countries, and many players want to play it right now. As you might expect, you absolutely must sign up on a casino partnered with EvoPlay to enjoy it in its collection. Rest assured immediately, our games are available in over 55 countries, in more than 22 languages, and at several hundred online casinos !

Select an EvoPlay Partner Casino :

  • ğŸŽ Based on the bonuses offered ;
  • ⚽ Based on the availability of Penalty Shoot Street ;
  • 💳 Based on the available payment methods.

Even though our Penalty money game is exactly the same on all casinos that integrate it, they may have specificities ! So, you must inform yourself well about the EvoPlay partner before proceeding with registration and playing Penalty Shoot Out. Depending on several criteria, some operators may offer you a more or less adapted experience.


How a game of penalty works

Thanks to the integration of our Penalty Shoot Out money game on several hundred platforms, we are convinced that you will not have great difficulties in playing it. To give you more chances to truly enjoy our mini-game, we now want to unveil the complete process of a penalty shootout session.

1- Select Your Nation

When you arrive at our Penalty Shoot Out Casino game, you must first select one of the available teams. Currently, we feature 24 major football nations in the software : Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Italy, and many more. Simply click on the flag you want to represent and then on the "Confirm" button.

ğŸ”Ž Note : Your choice has no impact on the RTP, potential, or your chances of winning on Penalty Shoot Out Street. This selection only modifies the visual effects of the game.

2- Select a Bet

By clicking on the dedicated "Bet Settings" button, you must now place a bet amount for the next session of Penalty Shoot Street Casino. We allow all our users to place between $1 and $75 for each game ! In demo mode, you can place between 1 and 30,000 DEM. Once your choice is final, simply click the "Confirm" button to configure your game. Rest assured, modification is possible as long as the Penalty Shoot Out Street game has not actually started !

ğŸ”Ž Note : At EvoPlay, we ask all our users to be aware of the risks associated with online gambling. Only place a bet that you can afford to lose on Penalty Game Casino. This allows you to only have fun !

3- Try to Beat the Goalkeeper

The game truly begins from the moment you decide to shoot on the Penalty Shoot Out goal ! You find yourself facing a football and have two options : click using your touch screen on one of the 15 reactive points to place your shot, or click on the ball to make a random shot. You face one of the other nations, and you must score the 5 penalty kicks or cash out before the goalkeeper makes a save.

Wins on Penalty Shoot Out Street :

  • ⚽ 1 goal : x2 ;
  • ⚽ ⚽ 2 goals : x4 ;
  • ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ 3 goals : x12 ;
  • ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ 4 goals : x20 ;
  • ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ 5 goals : x32.

With an RTP of 96%, you have good chances of succeeding in scoring a goal on your first shot on Penalty Shoot Out Casino. As soon as the nets have trembled for the first time, you can click on the "Cashout" button to collect your winnings. Obviously, the jackpot of the Penalty game is reserved for the most daring, who attempt to score 5 goals in a row. Be careful not to be too greedy !

Score goals and earn money !


The first records on Penalty Shoot Street

From the launch of our new creation in July 2023, users of the Penalty Game Casino have obviously tried to beat all records and overcome the goalkeeper. At EvoPlay, we wanted to record the first players who managed to achieve excellent performances on Penalty Shoot Out Street. This should inspire you.

Record Wins on Penalty Shoot Out Street :

ğŸŽ® Username💰 Bet🚀 Multiplier🏆 Win
7875116$35x32$1 120
Capellua$75x20$1 500
Aller_ol54$50x32$1 600
HelloRT$75x32$2 400

With a very quick and instant mini-game, we can now see thousands of players hitting the x32 jackpot with different bets. EvoPlay still wants to congratulate all the first users who managed to win a match on Penalty Shoot Street ! We are confident that these performances will inspire our future players.

Choose my team and cash in

Penalty Shoot Street RTP: Winning Odds

As you've perfectly understood, the Penalty money game has an overall RTP of 96%. This means we apply a margin of 4%, which is used to remunerate our partner casinos and to continue developing new experiences for our users. To give you an idea of the chances of winning at Penalty Shoot Out Street, the EvoPlay teams want to share this table with you :

ğŸŽ¯ Goals Scored📈 RTP🍀 Success Rate

Our low redistribution rate allows our users to have real chances almost as close to theoretical chances. For a single goal scored, you have a 48% real chance (taking into account our margin), against a 50% theoretical chance (with odds of 2.00 which can be translated into a probability of 50%). This is one of the reasons for the strong potential of EvoPlay Penalty Game !

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Penalty Shoot Street Strategy : Evoplay's Secrets

From the launch of this creation in July 2023, many of our users have started to discuss potential strategies to defeat our penalty game and walk away with winnings. TikTok, Telegram, Instagram, all networks are active on this subject and many are trying to mislead you. We now reveal the only valid tips.

ğŸ”Ž Important Note : No Penalty Shoot Street strategy guarantees a 100% win rate, and no cheating bot can beat our algorithms. The random number generation (RNG) is in place to ensure total fairness during draws.

💡 Martingale !

Indeed, since a successful goal on Penalty Shoot Out Street allows you to win twice your bet, you can implement a martingale strategy. The goal is simple : you start with the minimum bet of $1, double the bet after each goalkeeper save, and return to the initial bet of $1 when you win. However, be very careful, as 7 consecutive failures can lead to a critical bet of $64, which cannot be covered if you need to double again. Clearly, the martingale on Penalty Shoot Out money should not be overused, even though it can help you win a few euros.

💡 Hit the Jackpot !

You understand that the biggest win on Penalty Shoot Out Casino can only be achieved by successfully scoring all five penalty kicks against the opposing goalkeeper. Obviously, the x32 multiplier is the most dangerous to reach, as a save by the goalkeeper can crush all your hopes. With only a 3% chance of achieving this, we recommend to all our users to place a maximum of 1% of their capital on each game to try to reach the jackpot in the medium term. If you are playing with $100, play multiple rounds at $1 to try to hit the jackpot.

💡 Play Responsibly !

At Evoplay, we are committed daily to protecting our players from the dangers of online gambling. If you decide to launch Penalty Shoot Street now to start battling it out, you must be fully aware of the risks of losing money ! With an RTP of 96%, many of our users walk away having lost part or all of their bets. For these reasons, we invite you to play responsibly and only bet money you can afford to lose. The Penalty Game Casino must absolutely remain a source of enjoyment !

Test secret strategies

Developers' Review of Penalty Shoot Out Money

As you've understood, our development teams got to work on the game just after the release of the first version of Penalty Shoot Out in 2022. Several weeks after the launch of this new gem, our front-end developer Oleksandr Malinovski decided to give his opinion on Penalty Shoot Street.

"We were eager to work on Penalty Shoot Out Street because we received excellent feedback on the first version launched. The idea was clear : completely improve the game engine while maintaining fluidity on mobile thanks to HTML5 technology. The challenge was significant, as it required integrating many reactive points into the goalkeeper's goal, while respecting the players' chances and the random draw defined by Evoplay. We are now completely satisfied with the result. All EvoPlay teams are rewarded by the enthusiasm already present around the Penalty Game money."

Join the adventure on Penalty Shoot Out

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